Services Included
  1. Residential & Commercial servise
    There are no small jobs and we clean much better than if it were our own home and We will take care of your installations as they were our
  2. Recurring Cleaning Services
    Put in the hands of gonzalitos all the general works always confident that you will be 100% satisfied
  3. Occasional Cleaning
    Get an occasional rest leaving those things to the cleaning experts
  4. Extra Services
    We clean kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, mirrors. Sink ovens, stove, hob, shelves, clean blinds and dust, do beds, laundry, swept and mopped floors, Shampoo carpet, wash windows, deep clean carpet, repair carpet, Also offer other services under EXTRA SERVICES please ask.
  5. Window Cleaning
    Let us make your windows shine while you can have some free time. Windows are the reflection of how your home is cared for
  6. Insurance
    All your property and family are completely covered with our full coverage incidental insurance.
Carpet Servises
  1. Carpet Cleaning Services
    Do you have carpets in your home? Or maybe you have carpets in your place of business? Are you looking for a good carpet cleaning company to clean all of these carpets for you? Well, Gonzalitos is the best company for the job is our Carpet Cleaning Services. We have been around for a long time and have earned the respect from many of our customers. We are the best carpet cleaning company around and have no problem saying it. We know what our customers want and it is our goal to make sure it’s what they receive. We are affordable, dependable and offer only high quality work. These are the things that have made us number one to all of our customers.
  2. Sofa Cleaning
    Since sofas are among the most important home accessories and most frequently used object in the homes, it is important for the homeowners to ensure that they are free from any kind of hazardous particles. Whether you do the cleaning of sofas on your own or get it done by professionals, you have to make sure that you avail the services of the best sofa cleaners; Sofa Cleaning Lakewood is the name of our company that has been offering the genuine and trustworthy sofa cleaning services for decades in Lakewood. We have earned a good reputation in the market as we never compromise on the quality of services provided to our customers. We assure you that our experts will provide you only superior quality and authentic services for your sofa or couch with perfection. It is the policy of our company to offer only important and required services to our customers so that they are satisfied with the complete sofa cleaning or couch cleaning process. We can perform the services at a fast pace Gonzalitos Cleaning has been offering various kinds of cleaning services both for residential and commercial customers so that everyone in L.A & Orange County can access the services provided by our highly qualified and competent experts. All of our sofa cleaners have years of experience in this field and they know the art of performing all cleaning services with precision. Since tools and equipment are mandatory for perfect cleaning services, we have made sure that we have all latest set of equipment and machines which provide durable and long lasting services to our customers. You should review our website to get more in-depth information about the services that are offered by our company; we have made sure that every customer is able to find one compatible package for his servicing requirements. We even offer various attractive packages on frequent basis so that the customers can avail the opportunity of saving their money. Our professionals have been trained in such a way that they can perform the services at a fast pace. Almost all of our experts have been present in the field for decades and their professionalism and expertise becomes evident when they perform their work; you can consider availing our trial package so that you know the genuine level of our services. Whether you are looking for microfiber sofa cleaning or regular sofa cleaning services, you will be provide instant and top quality services. In order to make sure that everyone is satisfied with the professionalism of our experts and with the services provided to them, it is the policy that the experts will first inspect the condition of the sofa or couch. After the initial inspection, the experts will brief the customers about the service requirements and then decide about the services that will be done. The experts ensure that the customers are satisfied with the process so that they are happy when the sofa servicing is done.
  3. Pet Hair Cleaning Services
    Gonzalitos Cleaning offers comprehensive and affordable services for carpet maintenance that will keep your rugs at home looking brand new for as long as you would like them to. Trust us to provide you with quality services regarding the maintenance, restoration and cleaning of all your rugs at home, and keep your carpets in perfect condition for a long, long time.Pet Hair Cleaning Services in California How about a good clean? Every so often it becomes necessary to get serious with your rugs with a good bout of carpet cleaning to remove stains, mold, dirt and germs from your living area, but without the correct equipment and know-how, this can be a fruitless task. So get help from us, professional carpet cleaners who know how to get into the very fibers of your rugs to eliminate all seen and unseen dirt that may lay there. With us, your home and carpets will always look as new as the day they were laid. Eliminate unpleasant odors If you have pets or smokers living in your home, then you may not know it, but your carpets hold on to every whiff of ash, tobacco and animal fur that comes its way. Have us get this sorted or you by offering quality and effective services for pet hair and odor removal that will leave your home smelling great and causing far fewer allergic reactions from your family and visitors. So give us a call today to find out more on how we can help you, or take a look at our website for further information.
  4. Carpet Repair
    If you have carpet discolorations, cigar burns or if your carpet is loosening up we have the help you need to restore your carpet instead of replacing it.
Cleaning Services
With more than 30 years of experience, we try to make our work much better than in our own house, because for us the customer is first of all in the world.

We want you to feel satisfied and happy with our job, we give you the confidence to communicate with us about your needs and wishes so that they are 100% satisfied.